How to book your TVOC Removal Service?

DDAair.com has implemented an advanced online booking system for easy access and hassle-free booking. Simply pick an available service date and time, enter the area of the service site, address information and you can choose to pay in full or 20% deposit by credit card. You may of course opt to pay by bank transfer. Our customer service staff will soon contact you to confirm your booking and ask a few questions about the service site. This information will help us to design the best service plan for you.


To try our booking system, click http://www.ddaair.com/DDaair-HCHO-removal-service now!



What are the procedures of the HCHO removal service?

Initial Consultation: On confirmation of the service, we will discuss with you over the phone to collect necessary information about the work, such as the status of the premises, materials used for renovation work, new furniture items, ventilation condition etc. If possible, please provide us with photos of the site. We will work out the best service plan for you based on the information.


On-site Evaluation: Our workman will determine and adjust the service plan after a brief on-site evaluation. If necessary, a second layer of spray will be applied to certain areas.


TVOC Pre-measurement: Our workman will measure the TVOC (HCHO) level before treatment in different areas of the site.


Service Preparation: If necessary, we will move away unwanted objects and clean the surface of spray areas, open doors and windows to increase ventilation.


Service In-progress: Air Spray Coatings will be applied to all indoor surfaces of the site, excluding metallic, ceramic or stone surfaces. Coatings will also be applied inside furniture items, eg. cabinets, drawers etc. Second coating may be needed in areas of higher TVOC level.


After Treatment: We will measure the TVOC level again after treatment and record the readings in our final report. The report will also list the service method, air spray liquid being used and any other remarks our workman found useful to note. 

The time required for the service depends on the site area, as a rule of thumb, serving a net area of 500 Sq.ft would take about 2 hours.


It is strongly recommended to increase ventilation of the site after the treatment for at least 2 hours.






What are the features of the Air Spray and how long does it last?

DDAair uses a variety of branded air purifying liquids imported from Japan, including photocatalysts, airbourne catalysts, chitin and biological enzymes. We will analyze the different environments to form the best service plan for you. In general, for a newly decorated premises, the most commonly used method is airbourne catalyst treatment for the removal of VOC and formaldehyde. Unlike the traditional photocatalyst products, this liquid can decompose formaldehyde, VOC chemicals and odor without the need of light. For example, Efnica's products use  iron compounds to neutralize the pH value of harmful chemicals through a chelation effect to achieve decomposition. The liquid contains nanoparticles, and a special spray gun is needed to penetrate the fine voids on the surface of the material to form a filmed coating. When harmful compounds such as formaldehyde are released from the surface, they will be neutralized by the coating and decomposed into harmless substances such as water or carbon dioxide. 


Therefore the durability of the liquid is related to the stability of the surface coating. For example, in the interior of a drawer that is not frequently used, the durability of the film is better, usually  more than one year. In case of a dining table which is frequently used, durability is much lower due to frequent wiping. However, the ventilation conditions should be better in the places that are often used. Even if a small amount of formaldehyde is released, it will evaporate quickly as long as a good natural ventilation is maintained.



What are the advantages of your service?

Advantages of DDAair de-formaldehyde service:

  • With 17 years of experience in interior design and decoration, our staff can judge the various decorative materials and furniture, and find the most suitable treatment plan.
  • Comprehensive treatment plan: According to different environments, we develop the best solution, using photocatalyst, airbourne photocatalyst, chitin, biological enzyme or a combination thereof for targeted air purification projects.
  • Imported testing equipments and tools: We use US testing instruments to measure formaldehyde concentration with high accuracy. We use Japanese professional-grade spray guns to form coatings on the surface area.
  • Japanese Liquid and Spray: We use a variety of liquids, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. After years of experience and comparaison of actual results, we choose the most suitable liquid for our customers.
  • Service charges are transparent, no hidden charges. We offer hassle-free online real-time quotation and booking system by credit card.



Is it suitable to remove HCHO in an occupied premises?

Occupied residences, shops and offices are all suitable for formaldehyde removal work. Indoor air purification is not only about formaldehyde, but also about other VOC harmful substances. If living and working environment is the cause of any discomfort, an air purification project should be carried out. We will evaluate the actual situation in different environments and develop an optimal purification plan. In most cases, we need to remove or clear unwanted items from the treatment surface, and we recommend that clients should do this as a preparation for work.

What kind of guarantees do you offer?

Our guarantees come with different types of service:

  • Eco-design and build: Within one year after completion, we will fix any defect caused by our workmanship for free.
  • Formaldehyde TVOC revomal service: The formaldehyde concentration is measured after treatment to ensure compliance with safety standards.
  • Home Inspection Service: We guarantee to check all items listed in the report form.



Last updated July 2018