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Highest standards of Health & Safety guaranteed!    

Darren Design and Associates, DDA is the first Hong Kong interior design company to implement strict standards of health and safety in all projects, from concept to completion.

We promise you the safest and most comfortable home!

Our Health & Safety Protocols include:

  • take account of H&S in the design concept stage, specific safety needs of all family members are considered
  • use only eco-friendly materials where possible
  • H&S testings of mechanical safety and indoor air quality are carried out before completion of selected projects
  • use industrial level equipments to clean, sanitize and deodorize the site before completion

Unique Design Styles with customer satisfaction in mind, always!

Over the past 17 years, Darren and his unique design style is trusted by many famous local individuals, business owners as well as international property developers.

Customer satisfaction is gained by having the skills to interpret the style necessities of the client, to add his own work signature in the final design and to create quality and efficient projects.

Quality and Value Orientated!

DDA exists to provide its clients with the best value in interior design services, to earn the trust and respect of every client and to deliver the highest quality projects.

Chat with a Pro!

It is part of our core values to deliver prompt, smooth and honest communications with our customers.

If you have any query or problem regarding home design, decoration or building works, get in touch with us and you'll be able to find your answer. Please visit our website for more information.